Spring 2023 Plan // Apply // HEERF // Careers at Cobleskill

Application Status

After you have submitted your application to SUNY Cobleskill you will receive two separate letters. The first contains your Banner ID, the second your PIN.

Once you have both your Banner ID and PIN:

  1. Log on to Banner Web to view your application status by clicking on Enter Secure Area.
  2. Enter your Banner ID (User ID) and PIN
    login screenshot on BannerWeb

  3. If this is your first time logging in you will need to change your PIN (If it is not your first time please jump to step 6)
    change pin screenshot
  4. Click Continue to agree to the Terms of Usage
  5. Set a Security Question and Answer
    security question screenshot
  6. Select Student Services
  7. Click Admissions
  8. Under Processed Applications, choose your entry term

Pending Applications

If a decision has not been made regarding your application you will see the following:

Pending App screenshot 

**Requirements** Please take any steps necessary to ensure the Admissions Office receives missing items.


Completed Applications

If a decision has been made regarding your application you will see something similar to this:

 completed application screenshot