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Alumni Association Board

Our Mission

The Association’s purpose is to promote and cultivate communication and fellowship among the Alumni of the College, maintain and foster the loyalty of its Alumni to the College – while assisting and promoting the interests of the College generally.

The Alumni Association Annual Meeting will be held Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 4 p.m. in Knapp Hall 228.


President – Pierce Randall '15
Vice President – Emiley Purvis ’03
Second Vice President – Brett Luce ’89
Secretary – Sonali McIntyre ’09
Treasurer – Geoffrey Rightmyer ’95
Assistant Treasurer – Wendy Gilman


Brandon Aldous ’13
Allison Finch ’19
Mark Finney ’84
Deborah Fletcher ’85
Roy Garrett ’18
Eileen Jensen ’05
James Nadeau ’74
Paul Rachetta ’89
Melissa Struckle ’07
Nick Testa '06
Jennifer Walrath ’97
Ronald Zega Jr. '04

Student Representative

Brendan Scoralick ’24 


Shannon Manchester '03 – Finance and Alumni Engagement Coordinator

Marion A. Terenzio, PhD – College President

John J. Zacharek – Executive Director, College Foundation and Vice President of Development


Alma Mater

In the midst of scenic valleys,
High upon the hill
Stands our noble Alma Mater,
Dear old Cobleskill.
Loyal ever be our spirit,
And ‘twill always be
Cobleskill our Alma Mater,
Hail, all hail to thee.
To our honored Alma Mater,
Hearts that beat so true,
Pledge allegiance now and ever,
Cobleskill to you.