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Interview Exchange Information

Find information on this page for the hiring process including search committee resources and Interview Exchange directions.

Hiring Forms

Request to Fill a Vacant Position (Regular/Temp)

This form is used to begin a search to fill a vacant or new position. New - Please attach either a completed Faculty OR Staff Position Request form (below) to the Request to Fill. Once this form is approved by all appropriate parties, the Hiring Manager will be sent an Interview Exchange Information Form via email to start the search. Information needed will include the job description, search committee member information, where to advertise, and COREquisite (screening) questions to be used in Interview Exchange.

Faculty Position Request Form

Staff Position Request Form

Hire Justification & Appointment Form

This form combines the Hire Justification Report and the Initial Faculty/Staff/Class Appointment form. This form is to be used after a search committee has interviewed the candidates, and the Hiring Manager has selected who he/she would like to offer the position to. Justification of why the candidate was chosen should be clearly stated, as well as pros and cons of each candidate interviewed. The Hiring Manager should indicate the effective date and salary of the appointment as well as contact information for background check releases to be sent to the chosen candidate.

Change of Status, Salary or Reclassification

This form is to be used for status changes of existing employees (promotion, salary increases and for reclassifying positions).

Requisition for Temporary Service

This form is to be used to hire new temporary employees as well as to renew contracts for employees who are returning in temporary lines (not adjuncts). Please call HR when using this form to verify lines are available and for budget titles.


Hiring and Paperwork Process Chart

This Hiring and Paperwork Process Chart is a useful how-to guide for completing requisitions for different positions in Interview Exchange.

Other Interview Exchange Forms

Interview Exchange Information Request

This fillable PDF form is used to provide job posting information to Human Resources.

Extra Service Payment

This form is used for processing payment for adjuncts who work at another state agency, or for current employees who are performing a task that is outside of their typical job duties.

Internship Extra Service Payment Authorization Request

This form is to be used to process internship extra service pay for faculty.

Adjunct Teaching Contract

This form is used to indicate which courses are being taught by adjunct instructors, and to calculate payment for the courses being taught. The school secretary is responsible for initiating these forms.

Professional Renewal Form

This form is used to initiate and complete non-permanent or non-continuing employee renewals. This form includes a notice date as this is a deadline driven process. Each party who is expected to sign off on this form has 5 days to do so. Then it moves along to the next reviewer in line. This form moves between approver and employee multiple times.