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Connect to the WiFi

Wireless Connections

Tigernet is available in every building around campus that is not a residence hall. In order to connect properly, you will need to log in with your Cobleskill network account username and password combination. 

Resnet is only available in the residence halls and will also log in with your Cobleskill network account username and password combination.

Tigernet and Resnet provide full access to the internet and network and the highest data encryption/security for your protection. Devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets should be able to take advantage of the security benefits of this connection. Access to Resnet does not require a device registration; simply provide your Cobleskill account and password when you first attempt to connect to this wireless network.

For iPhone Devices - If it is your first time connecting to Tigernet, once you successfully put in your username and password combination and hit connect you will be prompted with a Trust Certificate. To "trust" the network simply hit "Trust" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. 

For Android Devices - Enter the below information to connect properly to the wireless network:

  1. EAP method: PEAP2.
  2. Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2
  3. Certificates: Don’t validate (if not working use “default” or “use system certificates”)
  4. Identity: Users username (without @cobleskill.edu)
  5. Anonymous: (do not fill in)
  6. Password: Users password
  7. Connect


ResnetDevices - Devices such as game consoles, streaming media devices (i.e. Roku, Firestick), smart TV’s, and Blu-ray players typically do not support the high encryption protocol used on the Resnet wireless network. Access to this wireless network is controlled by a network pre-shared key and having the MAC (media access controller) address of your device registered. 

Finding the MAC address of your device varies greatly by product so we will simply suggest using a search engine such as Google to learn how to find your device’s MAC address.

Once you have the device MAC address, use another connected device that has a internet connection to access the web page https://extremecontrol.cobleskill.edu/self_registration. Enter your Cobleskill username and password then click Login, you will then need to read and then check the box to agree with the acceptable use policy then click "Complete Registration"

To add a device first click "Add". Enter the MAC address and a description of the device you would like registered and then click "Submit". Your device is now successfully registered! You can connect to ResnetDevices using the pre-shared key Cobleskill.   


Wired Connections - If you are connecting your laptop, television or gaming device via a wired Ethernet connection you will still need to register the Wired MAC Address of your device, to connect please use the black network jacks labeled P1 and P2.

For further information/documentation please refer to the following resources or contact the helpdesk for assistance (1-518-255-5800 | helpdesk@cobleskill.edu).

Student Sharepoint - https://livecobleskill.sharepoint.com/Students/Residence%20Hall%20Connectivity/Forms/AllItems.aspx

Helpdesk Knowledge Base - https://cobleskill.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/277/Portal/KB/