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Meet the Coby Connectors!

Erica Hoerz

Assistant Director of the Center for Career Development

Donna Pesta

Director of the Center for Career Development


Jodi Northrup

Administrative Assistant of the Center for Career Development


Jihnay Lewis- Williams

EOP Counselor


Abbey Perkins

EOP Counselor


Jeff Foote

Director of Donor Relations & Alumni Engagement


Kathryn Schultz

Assessment Coordinator


Betsy Miller

Budget Control Officer


Rebecca Burton

Financial Aid Counselor


Jennifer Weingarten

Online Education Program Assistant


Deborah Pernat

Program Coordinator for Institute for Rural Vitality


Jill Brinkman

Senior Academic Advisor


Jennifer Golden

Senior Academic Advisor/ Retention Specialist


Evan Taylor

University Police Officer


Carly Ferretti

University Police Officer


Dale Ano

Associate Director of Residential Life





Shelby Preston

Assistant Residence Hall Director/ Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach


Megan Bowman

Head Women’s Basketball Coach


Zach Haskin

Head Track and Field Coach


D’Andre Miller

Director of Greek Life and Multicultural Education


Mary McCarty

Director of Student Leadership and Orientation


Joe Machado

Head Men’s Soccer Coach


Sarah Ledermann

Director of Student Accounts


Kathleen Weaver

Administrative Assistant for College Advancement


Liz Neubinski

Head Women’s Softball Coach


Brian Smith

Director of Financial Aid and IT Services


Jaime Pickering

Administrative Assistant for Sport and Exercise


Mary Irving

Associate Athletic Director


Justin Maxwell

Head Men’s Basketball Coach


Wendi Richards

Interim Director of Accessibility Resources and Student Transition Services


Mike Wacksman

Associate Director of Student Leadership