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Readmission Requirements


Our readmission application process is for former students who were previously matriculated at SUNY Cobleskill. To be considered for readmission, former students must file and submit an application for readmission to the Admissions Office. If applicable, an official transcript from each college attended since leaving SUNY Cobleskill should be submitted for review.  Students eligible for readmission must meet the following criteria:

Students who were suspended from SUNY Cobleskill will be required to achieve a “C” or better in 6 credit hours at an alternate college before they may be considered for readmission.

Please note that there is a $50 application fee that must be paid before the application may be processed. The fee can be paid to the Office of Student Accounts; please call 518-255-5539 for more information.

Please use the online form below, or reach out to the Office of Admissions for a paper copy: admissions@cobleskill.edu or (518) 255-5525