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Library Hours


Library open hours while classes are in session:

7am to 10pm Monday through Thursday

7am to 5pm Friday

10am to 6pm Saturday

2pm to 10pm Sunday

Please call 518-255-5841 or email library@cobleskill.edu for any updates.

Other services in the building have their own schedules. Please call them directly for more information.


Librarians are available at the reference desk for research support:

Monday           Tuesday           Wednesday          Thursday            Friday

10:30-12:30    10:30-12:00     10:30-12:30         10:30-12:30       10:30-12:30

1:00-4:00        1:00-4:00           1:00-4:00              1:00-4:00           1:00-4:00

For assistance evenings and weekends, consult our Get Help page.


Weather policy

If classes are canceled due to weather conditions, the library may operate a standing alternate schedule of 10 AM to 6 PM.

Inclement weather may close or delay the opening of the library depending on staff accessibility.