Sexual Violence Prevention: Campus Climate Survey Report

In October 2016, SUNY Cobleskill conducted a Sexual Violence Prevention Climate Survey to gather information about incidents of sexual violence on campus as well as knowledge of and familiarity with relevant campus policies and resources. All faculty, staff and students were invited to participate in the survey. Approximately 13% of SUNY Cobleskill students and 24% of faculty and staff responded to the survey.

The survey was conducted to comply with New York State Education Law (Article 129-B) which requires that “Every institution shall conduct, no less than every other year, a campus climate assessment.” SUNY Cobleskill was a pilot campus for the SUNY system-wide Sexual Violence Prevention Climate Survey instrument. SUNY partnered with Campus Labs to administer the survey. Campus Labs provided the technology to administer the survey and analyze the collected data.

The results of the survey pointed out areas where our sexual violence prevention practices are effective, and some opportunities for improvement.

Over 80% of the student respondents and 90% of the faculty and staff respondents reported receiving information and training about the definition of sexual assault and affirmative consent, where to get help, confidential resources, Title IX protections, and how to report sexual assault. Ninety five percent said the training was useful.

Over three-quarters of the faculty, staff and student respondents believe reporting authorities would take a sexual violence report seriously, provide necessary support, conduct a fair investigation, protect the victim from further harm, and would take appropriate actions.

SUNY Cobleskill plans to use the findings of this survey to improve our training, prevention, and support resources as part of our ongoing effort to become a campus environment free of sexual harassment, including sexual violence and related crimes.

For additional information, please contact Lynn Berger, Director of Human Resources and Affirmative Action/Title IX Coordinator.