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Farm and Food Business Accelerator

The Institute for Rural Vitality at SUNY Cobleskill is now accepting applications for participation in the Farm and Food Business Accelerator. Applicants must be established businesses interested in developing value-added products and bringing them to market in the Mohawk Valley. Accepted applicants will begin a seven-month intensive program with full-service support through June 30, 2024. Completed applications are due on November 19, 2023.


The program’s goal is to accelerate the success of small businesses, measured through increased value-added product development, revenue, and job growth. As we continue to adapt to this ever-changing economy, the accelerator program comes at an ideal time to launch small businesses into their next phase with strategic planning, economies of scale, and collaboration and mentorship.


Participants in the program are offered a complete suite of services and resources tailored to their specific needs. This suite includes support on new product development from concept through commercialization, recipe development, testing, planning, legal and financial advisory services and connections to distributors, retailers and wholesalers inside and outside the Mohawk Valley. Additional services and resources such as commercial kitchens, a dairy processing center, a food packaging lab, a cheese cave, and a meat processing lab are available based on participant needs. 


Accelerator Application


For more information, please contact the Institute for Rural Vitality at institute@cobleskill.edu or 518.255.5043