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Ag Solutions Fair 2024

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Thank you to all who attended the 2024 Agricultural Solutions Fair! 





Welcome Address

Scott Ferguson, Institute for Rural Vitality

Jessica Zweig, NYSERDA

Seth Browe, National Grid

Session 1a: Dairy and Livestock Best Practices for Energy Efficiency

Dairy and other Livestock farms have among the highest energy use of all types of agriculture. Fortunately, there are many technologies farmers can implement on the farm to significantly reduce their energy usage and utility costs. Some of these technologies can also improve cow comfort and farm production processes.

Tim Tomko, EnSave

Session 1b: Greenhouse and CEA Best Practices for Energy Efficiency

A grower can save a substantial amount of energy by implementing steps to reduce heat loss in their greenhouse or CEA facility. Greenhouse/CEA energy savings can also be found by upgrading lighting, motors, refrigeration, and ventilation.

Jenny Brinker, GDS Associates

Josh Fabian, National Grid Program Participant

Session 2: My Farm and the Impact of Energy Regulation 

As energy regulations continue to evolve, in this session we will explore the states approach to stakeholder driven policy development, considerations for large scale solar projects, and how you can navigate green energy alternatives opportunities(w/ time for Q&A).

Julie Suarez, Cornell University 

Jeremy Wyble, NYSERDA

Marie Schnitzer National Grid

Fair Ends – Thank You for Attending!


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