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Web Accessilibity

The website FACT2 - Online Accessibility is a product of a workgroup affiliated with the SUNY Office of General Counsel’s compliance unit, and is a resource for ensuring that your course content, or any material posted to the web, meets the legal requirements for accessibility to persons with disabilities.

Creating Accessible Course Content

This website has been developed as a product of the Online Accessibility SUNY FACT2 task group, charged with identifying competencies and skill sets related to online accessibility and providing professional development opportunities for SUNY. The task group is also developing and recommending guidelines for software and educational resources (OERs, Web tools, publisher content, etc.) that may be purchased or recommended by the campus, to ensure accessibility to meet Section 508 compliance. In addition, some of the webinar videos apply to ensuring accessible classroom content, such as audio/video presentations.

On this website, there is a link called ‘How Do I Learn About Accessibility’.  This link takes you to videos of webinars on creating accessible content and documents.  If you are posting to the Cobleskill.edu web page, instructing a course on-line, or showing videos in class, it is critical to become familiar with creating accessible content.

This website will be updated over time, so keep it in your ‘favorites’!