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Request Testing Services

Alternative Testing Services

AccessABILITY Resources provides an alternative testing service for students who may need a distraction-free environment, extended time (up to double time), use of adaptive equipment, a private room, use of a computer to read exams, scribes, oral exams or enlarged printing.

All students must be approved for alternative testing services.

Students with disabilities seeking alternative testing services, must contact the AccessABILITY Resources Office and have their accommodation plan in place.

ESL students seeking alternative testing services, must complete the Request for Testing Accommodations form.

Request for Testing Accommodations Procedures

Faculty and staff should adhere to the following procedures when using AccessABILITY Resources for accommodated testing services:

  1. All students must sign up for each test using the Request for Testing Accommodations form at least 48 hours (2 business days) prior to the test date. This allows AR staff time to schedule test rooms and know exactly who will be coming for testing services.
  2. The student should take Request for Testing Accommodations form to their Instructor for completion by the instructor, with any testing options listed. Note: It should not be assumed that students will take all tests in the Testing Room in AccessABILITY Resources (AR). They have the option of taking a particular test in the classroom. Once the instructor completes the Request for Testing Accommodations form, the student will bring the form to the AccessABILITY Resources Office, located in the lower level of the Library (Rm. 005) and drop it off in the wire bin or email to dss@cobleskill.edu.
  3. Faculty should feel free to ask to see a students’ Accommodation Plan to verify that the student is eligible to receive testing accommodations.
  4. Faculty may also make arrangements for accommodations in their classroom.
  5. Faculty are strongly encouraged to send tests, electronically to dss@cobleskill.edu. 24 hours prior to the test date. Care should be taken not to include any hand-written notations or information which can not be scanned electronically.
  6. Faculty will receive their test via scanned email from dss@cobleskill.edu.
  7. Faculty may have them returned via intercampus mail or returned electronically (email) as specified on the Request for Testing Accommodations Form.

Thank you for your cooperation. Following these procedures will make it easier to meet the accommodated testing needs of our students.

Testing Rules