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Special Housing Requests

SUNY Cobleskill recognizes that students with disabilities may require a specific type of housing to fully participate in the residential component of the college experience. For these students, SUNY Cobleskill provides disability housing accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended (ADA 504). A disability is defined under the ADA 504 as any mental or physical impairment that substantially limits the individual in a major life activity compared to the average person. The college has established the following procedures to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to SUNY Cobleskill housing.

Please note the following about the procedures:

SUNY Cobleskill strives to provide the best housing arrangement to suit your particular circumstances. A variety of housing options already exist to accommodate special needs and it is important when making housing decisions to consider your needs carefully. We understand that there are exceptions and circumstances in which particular requests and accommodations need to be considered. Your requests for exceptions are evaluated carefully. To proceed with the evaluation process and receive full consideration of your request, a completed Request for Special Housing Accommodations packet and documentation must be submitted to the Coordinator of AccessABILITY Resources, email: dss@cobleskill.edu or fax: 518.255.6430, according to the following deadlines:

Continuing Students:

March 1 for following Fall semester

New Students:

June 1 for following Fall semester
November 15 for following Spring semester

Any requests received after the dates listed above or during the course of a semester will be given consideration, but it must be acknowledged that accommodation is difficult after deadline dates and in the middle of an academic year. Any refunds due may be pro-rated to the date of receipt of documentation.

** Please note that, while your preferences will be considered, specific areas and types of rooms are not guaranteed. Incomplete applications or those without disability documentation will not be considered.

For more details and full directions, download the Special Housing packet and directions with the button above.