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Prepaid Accounts Information

Types of Pre-paid Accounts

Coby FlexPoints - Part of Your Meal Plan

CobyFlexPoints is a declining balance account associated with your CobyCard. One point is equivalent to one dollar. This account offers a safe and convenient way to make purchases at any CAS Dining Hall Facility and vending machines on-campus. Coby FlexPoints are not refundable and do not rollover.

CobyCash - Cobleskill’s Campus Currency

CobyCash is a prepaid spending account associated with your CobyCard offering a safe and convenient way to make purchases at places on-campus. Funds are not loaded with the Meal Plan, but value can be added online.

Downtown Dollars - Cobleskill Campus & Community Currency

Downtown Dollars is a prepaid spending account on your CobyCard offering a convenient and secure way to make purchases at convenient on-campus locations and at popular off-campus restaurants and businesses. Downtown Dollars is designed to eliminate the need to carry cash, checks or other cards.

To learn more about the difference between CobyCash and Downtown Dollars, see Question #5 on the CobyCard FAQ page.

See a list of accepting locations for
CobyCash and Downtown Dollars


Benefits of Your Pre-paid Accounts


How Much Should I Add to My Pre-paid Accounts? 

The table below lists typical semester expenditures for a student at SUNY Cobleskill.* Add value to your prepaid accounts before arriving on campus so you are ready for the start of the semester. Additional value can be added at anytime.

Typical Semester Expenditures

Textbooks & Supplies


Vending, Snacks & Other Services


Off Campus Program




*The table is only a guide. Choose the depositing level that is right for you and your family.