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Refund Policy for Meal Plans

A meal plan is non-taxable in NYS. This is a significant savings on the cost of this service to students. In order to meet this non-taxable eligibility, the meal plan contract must be for a contractual length of time and not be refundable. This means that meals and Coby FlexPoints must be used in the semester in which they are purchased or they are forfeited. The cost of the meal plan is not refundable at the end of the semester. Except for reasons of dismissal or withdrawal from college, no refunds will be authorized after the close of business on the Friday of the first full week of classes.

Part of the restrictions to comply with the law is the meal plan is a contract whereby the food is solely for the specific student and the contract cannot provide refunds. At the time of entering into the agreement (acknowledging the Terms and Conditions), the value of the meal plan contract purchased is no longer considered cash. Limitations and rules, such as the daily points limit, are part of the meal plan policy to comply with the spirit of sole, personal use.

The New York State Sales code governs the term for tax exempt dining plan refunds. The code stipulates that qualified refunds for tax exempt plans will be based on time criteria and not plan utilization. In order to obtain a refund, a student must officially withdraw from the college through the Registrar’s Office and specifically request a refund of room, fees, meal plan, and tuition. Meal Plan refunds are based on the number of weeks remaining in the semester. Meals eaten during a portion of a week are considered as having been eaten for a full week. There will be no refund for less than a week of participation remaining in the meal plan. Any remaining CobyFlexPoints and Downtown Dollars will be removed and the student’s liability will be for the portion spent. Please refer to the chart below.

Part of Term

% of Refund

1st Week 100% refund
2nd Week 90.9% refund
3rd Week 81.8% refund
4th Week 72.7% refund
5th Week 63.6% refund
6th Week 54.5% refund
7th Week 45.4% refund
8th Week 36.3% refund
9th Week 27.2% refund
10th Week 18.1% refund
11th Week 9% refund
12th Week 0% refund
13th Week 0% refund
14th Week 0% refund
15th Week 0%
16h Week 0%



CAS meal plan refunds are coordinated with SUNY Cobleskill Student Accounts Office. The dining plan refund will be applied to any balance or debt owed to the college or CAS. No meal plan refunds are issued after the 11th week of classes.
If you withdraw from school, contact the CobyCard Office at (518) 255-5886 for information on canceling your meal plan.