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SUNY Cobleskill Bike Room Policy and Storage

SUNY Cobleskill Bike Room Policy and Storage

The use of bicycles, and other personal transportation devices, is widely encouraged, however, it is vital that everyone practice safety when riding and storing devices on campus.  When utilizing a bike on campus, please make sure to lock your device only to designated bike racks, or in the campus Bike Room.  For more information related to authorized use of transportation devices on campus,  the personal transportation policy can be found in the Student Handbook.  

The Bike Room is a resource that is available for all currently enrolled SUNY Cobleskill residential students.  This resource provides a storage option for students so that they do not need to be limited to outdoor storage.  At this time, only nonmotorized devices are eligible for storage.  As per the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control (NYS OFPC), motorized devices are not permitted within residence halls.  The College is working with OFPC to potentially receive authorization for students to store some electronic devices in the future. 

The Bike Room is located at Davis Hall with an exterior entrance located just along Albany Avenue.  The entrance is monitored by camera surveillance and periodic rounds by the University Police. 

Registration Process:

Only currently enrolled SUNY Cobleskill students are eligible to register for Bike Room access. 

Students must complete the electronic registration form accurately and provide all required information. That registration form can be found here.

Registration Form

Access will be granted only to registered students who have been approved to use the Bike Room by College authorities.  Students are not permitted to bring guests into the Bike Room.  Access will be provided through the use of prox cards, and students must follow the designated procedures for card activation.

Access Hours:

The Bike Room will be accessible every day, Monday through Sunday, from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Bike Room Usage:

Bicycles/Devices should be stored in designated racks or spaces within the Bike Room.  Only one bike/device per rack. 

Bikes should be in good working condition, and any malfunctioning bikes should be promptly repaired or removed.

The Bike Room is for bicycle storage only. Personal items or non-bike-related items should not be stored in the room.


Users are responsible for the security of their bikes and should lock them securely.  Bikes should be secured via a personal lock.  Locks are the responsibility of the Bike/device owner and are not provided by the college. 

Please report any suspicious activity or security concerns to campus security.

Respect for Others:

This space is part of the overall residence hall where other students reside, keep noise levels to a minimum when entering or leaving the Bike Room to avoid disturbing others. 

Respect the privacy and property of other users.

Maintenance and Cleanliness:

Help maintain a clean and tidy Bike Room by disposing of trash properly.

Report any maintenance issues, such as broken racks or lighting, promptly.

Liability and Responsibility:

Users are responsible for their own bikes and personal property. The College is not liable for theft or damage.

Compliance with College Policies and Consequences of Violations:

Students are expected to abide by the SUNY Cobleskill Student Conduct Codes at all times.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in immediate loss of Bike Room access, as well as student conduct charges. 

Users must comply with all College policies and regulations while in the Bike Room.

The college reserves the right to review and amend these guidelines and rules as necessary. Registered users will be notified of any changes.

Emergency Procedures:

In case of an emergency, follow SUNY Cobleskill’s emergency procedures, and do not attempt to retrieve bikes until it is safe to do so.

Student Affirmation of Rules (as part of the registration form):

"I, [Student Name], acknowledge that I have read, understood, and agree to abide by the guidelines and rules governing the use of the Bike Room at SUNY Cobleskill. I understand that access to the Bike Room is a privilege granted to registered students, and I will adhere to the following:

I will store my bicycle in the designated racks or spaces within the Bike Room.

I will keep my bicycle in good working condition and promptly report any issues.

I will use the Bike Room only for bicycle storage and no other personal items.

I will be responsible for the security of my bicycle and lock it securely.

I will maintain a respectful and quiet environment when entering or leaving the Bike Room.

I will report any suspicious activity or security concerns to University Police.

I will help keep the Bike Room clean by disposing of trash properly and reporting maintenance issues.

I understand that the College is not liable for theft or damage to my bicycle.

I will comply with all College policies and regulations while in the Bike Room.

I acknowledge that violations of these guidelines and rules may result in the suspension of my Bike Room access.

I understand that these guidelines and rules are subject to change, and I will stay informed of any updates. By submitting this attestation, I affirm my commitment to responsible and respectful use of the Bike Room at SUNY Cobleskill."