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Parents Information

A student's achievement of academic and social goals in college is influenced positively when a partnership exists with their family and the College. While the primary responsibility to take the steps toward success resides with the student, family can be aware and encouraging and supporting, making the student's journey a bit easier.

The Residential Life staff is in a position to work directly with our resident students and to provide information to families which, along with open lines of communication between students and families, will best position us all to have some role in the students' achievement of their goals. It is our hope that through your awareness of the information on these related pages, you become better positioned to encourage and support your student's experiences on campus and, when necessary, refer them to our office for guidance.

Helpful Hints for Assisting Your Student with Roommate Conflicts

Parents/families can be instrumental in providing support and assistance to their students. By listening to your student, you can be a sounding board for them, providing support and perspective. You can help your student understand their role in the process and empower them to positively impact the situation.

If your student is looking for additional information regarding roommate communication, please refer them to the Resident Assistant.

We hope that these tips will help you to have more complete communication with your student and provide assistance in initiating a solution to roommate conflict, should it arise. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please contact the Residential Life Office.

Break Periods

Throughout the academic year, residence halls may close during certain break periods. Please visit the ResLife Calendar page to be aware of upcoming breaks. Prior to vacating during longer breaks, residential students are asked to close and lock windows, leave blinds down and open if they don't live on ground floors, lower heat, unplug appliances, take out their garbage, and carefully consider the items that they will need to take with them.

Student Conduct Process

When any member of the campus community observes what they believe is a violation of the Student Conduct Codes, that person may file a report which will cause an investigation to occur, followed by a resolution of the situation through one of various actions of the student educational disciplinary system. Most actions will involve engagement of the student with one or more members of the professional staff as the circumstances of the event are reviewed and brought to closure. All allegations of violation of the Student Conduct Code are resolved with the professional staff or through a Conduct Review Meeting or through a Conduct Board Hearing. Regardless of the method of resolution, the process is educational in nature and is implemented in a consistent and fair manner which attempts to help students understand behavioral expectations and live within their limits.

If your student has questions related to this process, please make a referral to their Residence Hall Director, the Director of Student Conduct, or the Director of Residential Life. Any of the Res Life staff are available to assist. View Staff Directory

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

FERPA is a federal law which, very simply put, provides rights and protections related to educational records of students. Under most circumstances, family access to a student's educational records must be provided by the student via completion of a release. With respect to campus disciplinary records, the Release of Information Form is available online or at the Residential Life Office.