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At SUNY Cobleskill, all first semester students are obligated to a two-year residency; all transfer students are obligated to a one-year residency. All other academic year students are obligated to a one-year agreement. Unless you meet specific criteria, you will be required to live on campus.

The following are exemptions from the mandatory housing policy:

Even if you meet one of these exemptions, you still must submit in writing your request to be released from housing to the Residential Life Office. For more details please contact the Residential Life Office.

Deadline for requests is December 1st for the spring semester and April 1st for fall semester. Requests are reviewed and you will be notified by email whether or not you are released.

*Please note that if you sign a Housing Contract (which every student signs when they sign up for housing), you are bound by it for an academic year. This means that if you want to move off campus after you sign a Housing Agreement, you must request a release from housing. If you are released from the housing license, you will be charged a $250.00 fee that will be applied to your account with Student Accounts.

This means that you will not be automatically released for the above reasons once you sign a housing license, as it is a binding agreement. Your release will be considered by the Director of Residence Life, and you will be notified as to the decision. Submit Your Release Request

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Residential Life Office.