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Current Students FAQs


Am I required to live on campus?

All students who are first-time, full-time SUNY Cobleskill students and all other academic year resident students are obligated to a two-year agreement to reside on campus. Students transferring in to SUNY Cobleskill are obligated to a one year housing agreement. Requests to terminate the Terms and Conditions of Residence Hall Occupancy Agreement (to move off campus) during the time of the Agreement must be submitted in writing to the Director of Residential Life for review.

How big is my room?

There are seven main styles of residence hall rooms on our campus. Most rooms measure approximately 12 x 13 x 14.

How big are the windows in rooms?

The size of windows may vary depending on the building type and location in the building.

What size is my mattress?

Mattresses in Davis, Dix, Draper, Fake, Parsons, Pearson, Ten Eyck, Vroman* and Wieting are twin XL size.

*Suites in Vroman Hall have standard twin size mattresses. 

Mattresses in Alumni Commons are all standard twin size.

What's already in my room?

Each double room is furnished with two closets, two beds, two dressers, two desks, two desk chairs, one floor lamp or overhead light, one mirror, and window blinds.

Can I bring a microwave or refrigerator?

The College permits one 1.75 amp refrigerator OR one Micro-Fridge unit (a combination refrigerator, freezer, microwave) per student room. The College DOES NOT allow stand alone microwaves; they have to be part of a Micro-Fridge unit. The company that provides Micro-Fridge units for sale or rent is https://mymicrofridge.com/order-now/. Living in Alumni Commons? You don't need a microwave because there's one in your suite/townhouse (also, they are not permitted in Alumni Commons).

Can I bring a coffee maker?

Yes, coffee makers and electric tea kettles with an automatic shutoff feature are permitted. Most other cooking devices are not permitted in the residences halls. 

Can I bring a computer?

Yes. Students may bring their own computers to the campus. All students, however, have access to computing services through labs of various sizes located throughout the campus.

Are residence halls gender inclusive?

Residence halls are a supportive space for students of all gender identities and expressions. Communal bathrooms are gender-specific. Additionally, single-occupancy bathrooms are available in most buildings and are gender inclusive.

Alumni Commons townhomes/suites have single-person bedrooms. Within the townhouse or suite, occupants can be of any gender.

Can friends from home be my guests for a couple of days?

Please review the Terms and Conditions of Residence Hall Occupancy and the Terms and Conditions of Alumni Commons Occupancy for detailed information related to this question.

What if I feel uncomfortable during my first few weeks on campus?

If you are uncomfortable at any time, but especially during the initial weeks on-campus, talk with your Resident Assistant (RA), Resident Director (RD) and/or any member of the Wellness Center or Student Development/Residential Life staff.

What sort of jobs does Residential Life have?

We offer jobs as Night Hosts, Sustainability Mentors, Sustainability Assistants and as Resident Assistants.

Does the college cover property loss or damage to my property?

Please refer to "Terms and Conditions" of Residence Hall Occupancy. The college maintains no insurance for property loss or damage for any cause; therefore, the student should carry personal property insurance, if desired.

Should we get additional property insurance coverage while our child is at college?

The college cannot recommend one way or another; we encourage you to check with your current homeowner's policy on coverage. There are companies that offer additional property insurance. www.CollegeStudentInsurance.com

Can I leave my belongings in my room and/or on-campus during vacations breaks?

Typically, students can leave belongings in their rooms during vacation breaks which occur during the academic year. There is no summer storage for student belongings.

Can I move off campus for the Spring Semester?

Generally, no. There are very few exceptions to the regulation which requires two years of campus residence before a student is permitted to move off campus. See "Terms and Conditions" of Residence Hall Occupancy for more information.