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How to Read Your Schedule

Schedule Information

Schedules are found in Banner Web by clicking on 'Student Profile Page' and then 'Concise Student Schedule'. This information is intended to help you better understand your schedule. If you need further assistance, please contact the Registrar's Office or see your academic advisor.

The schedule lists the courses you are scheduled to take by day(s) of the week and start and end time. It also list's the course instructor and class location by building and room number.

This is an example of the Concise Student Schedule in Banner Web:


Abbreviations for courses are as follows:

AAMS African American Studies
ACCT Accounting
AGBU Agricultural Business
AGED Agricultural Education
AGEN Agricultural Engineering
AGRN Agronomy
AGSC Agricultural Science
AMSL American Sign Language
ANSC Animal Science
ANTH Anthropology
ARAB Arabic
BADM Business Administration
BIOL Biological Sciences
CAHT Culinary Arts
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CITA Computer Information Technology
COMM Communications
CYBR Cybersecurity
ECHD Early Childhood
ECON Economics
EMSC Emergency Medical Services
ENGL English
ENGR Engineering Science
ENHT Environmental Health
ENVR Environmental
ESOL English as a Second Language
FFCS Foundations for College Success
FREN French
FSMA Financial Services Management
FWLD Fisheries and Wildlife
GART Graphic Arts & Design
GIST Geographical Information Systems
GOVT Government
HIST History
HONR Honors
HUMS Humanities
INTR Internship (Placeholder ONLY)
JAPN Japanese
JOUR Journalism
LANG Language
MATH Mathematics
MKHT Marketing, Hospitality & Tourism
MUSC Music
NAMS Native American Studies
NTRN Nutrition
ORHT Ornamental Horticulture
PERS Phys Education, Rec & Sports Studies
PHED Physical Education
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
PSCI Physical Sciences
PSYC Psychology
RECM Recreational Land Management
SABR Study Abroad
SOSC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SUST Sustainability
TRAV Travel & Resort Marketing
XREG Cross Registration


Abbreviations for Academic Buildings

ASA Animal Science A/ Canine Classroom
ASB Animal Science B/ Pig, Rabbit & Poultry Barn
ASC Animal Science C/ Small Animal Barn
ASD Animal Science D/ Canine Kennels
ASE Animal Science E/ Equine Classroom
ASF Animal Science F/ Equine Arena
AL Alumni Hall
BH Bouck Hall
CANR Center for Agriculture & Natural Resources
CC Child Care Center
CEST Center for Environmental Science & Technology
CH Champlin Hall
CM Curtis-Mott Hall
DB Dairy Barn
FH Field House
FR Frisbie Hall
HATCH Fish Hatchery
HE Home Economics
HO Holmes Hall
KN Kniskern House
LRC Library
OFFCAM Off Campus
OG Old Gym
ONLINE Online Course
PH Prentice Hall
PRIMY Off Campus- Primary School
SP Swimming Pool
WA Warner Hall
WH Wheeler Hall
WHLA Wheeler Hall Lab Addition


For a complete description of courses, consult the College Catalog