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Transfer Course Guide

Open SUNY Cobleskill's Transfer Course Guide

Prospective Students: The Transfer Guide is provided for planning purposes only. The information provided is not a comprehensive list of all institutions or all courses at a particular institution. Upon review, transfer credit may be granted for courses not listed in the Transfer Course Guide. An informal evaluation of transfer credit will be provided by Admissions upon individual request.

Currently Enrolled SUNY Cobleskill Students: Students planning to transfer course work for their major should get approval from their advisor or the department chair using a Permission to Transfer Credit form before enrolling in a transfer course. An official transcript is required in order to transfer course work. Credit may be granted for credit courses from accredited colleges, as certified by the registrar, in which grades of "D" (1.0)* or better were earned as long as the overall index of the courses being transferred remains at 2.0 or higher, subject to evaluation by the appropriate dean with input from the department chair. Physical Education transfer credits of Pass/Satisfactory may be applied towards Physical Education requirements regardless of legend.

Transfer Credit

*Certain degree programs require a grade of “C-” or better in major field requirement/track areas. If this is the case, the “D” grade will NOT satisfy these requirements. View SUNY Cobleskill's Transfer Policies. Are you interested in learning more about transferring to Cobleskill? 

Once our Admissions office receives your application, initial deposit and official transcripts, the Registrar’s office evaluates all of your courses. You will be able to access your transfer credit through your DegreeWorks audit which is located on Banner Web. To log into Banner Web, you will need to use your Student Identification number and the six digit PIN given to you by Admissions.

To view approved SUNY Gen Ed courses use the Approved SUNY-GER Course Dashboard on the SUNY Student Mobility Site. 

View SUNY's Transfer Course Equivalencies for Seamless Transfer with other campuses.