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Residence Halls Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Residence Hall Occupancy, 2022-2023

The following agreement refers to Davis, Dix, Draper, Fake, Parsons, Pearson, Ten Eyck, Vroman and Wieting Halls. Terms and Conditions of occupancy for Alumni Commons are found on a separate page. Terms and conditions are subject to change.


The State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology, Cobleskill, New York, in accordance with Chapter 416 of the Laws of 1988 and SUNY Board of Trustees, has established minimum residence hall living condition standards. These standards state that:

1. SUNY Cobleskill residences are constructed and maintained to conform with all applicable safety codes and health standards;

2. SUNY Cobleskill residence halls provide for a regular schedule of cleaning which is posted in each residence hall; repairs are made as promptly as possible depending upon availability of materials and personnel;

3. SUNY Cobleskill residence halls provide each student resident with adequate living space, furniture such as a bed, desk, dresser space, closet space, and appropriate heat, light, and hot water;

4. SUNY Cobleskill residence halls have established and maintain a procedure for routine and emergency repairs through the Residence Hall Director in conjunction with the campus Facilities Management Department;

5. SUNY Cobleskill residence halls have a procedure for student residents in the event of the loss of services such as heat, light and hot water in residence halls for an extended period;

In addition, SUNY Cobleskill has established a set of specific guidelines regarding residence hall living as listed in this "RESIDENCE HALL AGREEMENT" which is reviewed and positively affirmed or signed by all students prior to checking into the residence halls at the beginning of the fall term, or upon first-time entry.

Furthermore, due to the impact of COVID-19, there are policies and procedures that students must comply with to maintain their residential status with SUNY Cobleskill. Due to the nature of the virus and the federal and state oversight that the College must follow, the policies and procedures related to COVID-19 do fluctuate. It is imperative that students stay abreast of these policies and any changes that may be instituted throughout the semester.  Although changes will be sent to students via Campus email, students should also become familiar with the guidance webpage.

In a measure to preserve community health, SUNY Cobleskill will require that all students planning to live on campus during the Fall 2022 semester must have begun or completed their COVID-19 vaccination series by the time they arrive on campus, with limited medical or religious exceptions.  Residential students will need to finalize their full vaccination status within the time frame outlined by the Student Wellness Center.  Please make sure to carefully review the guidance webpage outlined above for specific details related to this mandate.

Section A - General Terms and Conditions


Section B - Assignment Procedure


Section C - Charges for the Year


Section D - Occupancy


Section E - Refund Policies


Section F - Damages


Section G - Standard Regulations


Section H - Quiet Hours


Section I - Parking


Section J - Unconditional Rights of the College


Section K - This Agreement


Section L - Special Regulations pertaining to COVID-19

These are very difficult times, and, as such, the traditional residence life experience will be different from what you are accustomed to due to the concerns around COVID-19. Our goal is to provide the best services possible to our residents but recognize that health and safety do require some sacrifice of privileges.

Due to serious hazards that COVID-19 presents, all students are expected to follow these regulations while living in campus housing. Our goal is to work as a community to help support one another and enforce these standards so that can we can maximize the health and well-being of every person at the Campus. Should students not strictly follow these directives, their housing contract may be subject to immediate termination.